Masamune Shirow
Science Fiction

This masterpiece written and drawn by Masamune Shirow shows us a futuristic world that attempts at utopia after yet another world war. In it, the main characters, Deunan and Briaros, try to survive in the politically conniving environment as special operations military troops, relying on their skills to keep them alive.

The evolution of this story is best observed if one reads the first four books in order, noting the growing relationships of the characters. (Note: each book consists of four to five issues of work.) Also, one can notice how the art becomes more and more detailed and mature as the series progresses. Further along in the story, the development of the side characters allows a further depth of into their world.

As with all of Shirow's works, Appleseed is a thoughtful and compelling read.

On a side note: Don't bother watching the anime. It's a horrible representation of the manga. Hell, it isn't even that good of an anime on its own. If you want to see a good Masamune Shirow Based anime, get Ghost in the Shell, Tank Police or Black Magic.

- - Kinderfeld

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