Battle Angel Alita
Yukito Kishiro
Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi

The Battle Angel Alita series envelopes a post apocalyptic world interspersed with cyborgs, mutants and normal humans. It is a story of a cyborg, who has no recollection of her past, and her relationships with others as she tries to survive in the world consumed with war and violence.

The series comes across as an anime version of Mad Max/Road Warrior with a tough yet sometimes touching female lead character. Although I feel this is a good story with some fine, consistent artwork, I still can't help but feel it has more of a pulp novel feel to it. There really is no mental challenge in reading this story and some if not all of the characters are basically predictable. There really is only so many types of Road Warrior-esque stereotypes that can be used over the length of a series before you feel a lack of evolution.

In my opinion, you'll read most likely read through once and then never read it again.

- - Vane

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