Blade of the Immortal
Hiraoki Samura
Historical Fiction

Blade of the Immortal is probably one of the finest manga series you will ever find. The art is exquisite and the characters are well rounded and believable. Samura's artistic style is a hybrid, ranging from the common pen-and-ink look to pages that can pass as pencil or chalk/charcoal illustrations.

Unlike most manga that has been translated and brought over to the states, BOTI doesn't just "flip" the page over for us left-to-right readers. The artist painstakingly takes apart each page, panel by panel and reassembles the whole comic just for the American readers.

Blade of the Immortal is set in feudal Japan, telling the tale of a man who cannot die and has no care for his own life until he finds himself watching after Rin, a young girl out to avenge her father's murder. Along with these two main characters are a cavalcade of enemies and side characters that in the short time they appear still manage to carry the same depth as the lead characters.

You will not be disappointed by this.

- - Vane

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