Blue Submarine No. 6

A story about the war between humanity and the water-dwelling Zorndyke, this futuristic aquatic features some of the finest computer generated backgrounds and coloration in the anime market to date.

While the mini-series starts off straight-forward with the heroes and villains plainly delineated, as the story develops, the viewer is left to wonder who is in the right. The plots grows in depth as the series carries along. While characters are overtly stereotypical, they still function well in the gritty story.

The real gem of this series is the excellent visuals and atmosphere. The computer generated backgrounds are top-notch and the visuals and colors carry well. The character design and cel-art is fine, although some of the monster design comes across as a bit Saturday-morningish. The music is usual but with the way the series flows, it almost works. While the sound quality is excellent, I almost wish they had given sub-titles for the monsters for those people who don't understand synthesized voice-overs (almost sounds like a bad Death Metal vocalist).

Blue Submarine works well in that once you think you have it figured, it throws you a curve. The only major drawback is that to watch this series in whole, you either have to purchase all the episodes separately or try and catch it on Cartoon Network. If it does come on, try and catch it. It'll be worth your time to watch.

- - Vane

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