Burn Up Excess

If you are familiar with the Burn Up series then you should already know that this anime is just pure entertainment. In my personal preference, that is a very good thing. If you enjoy such anime as Agent Aika or Golden Boy, you'll enjoy this stuff, which is lightly less perverted, mind you.

Like the last two titles I mentioned, the plot, while it isn't in the realm of Gundam or anything, holds up quite well. The show mainly focuses on a gold digging, blond haired chick named Rio. Along with Rio, three other cliched cute girls accompany her. You know there's the nerd type computer girl, the gadget making girl, and the girl who wants to kick ass while blowing $%#& up (my personal fave). And what exactly do these girls want? Their paycheck of course! Well, this anime reminds me a little of Cowboy Bebop in the sense that the main character(s) never succeed in their far-fetched schemes to get what they want, and usually end up in the worst case scenario. While it is entertaining enough, it might not be worth your 30 bucks.

While it does sound all good and great some people will be turned off by the overall plot which consists of Rio trying to get the man of her dreams and a whole lot of money. But, anybody who likes the Action/Comedy anime genre will get a good kick out of this one. Also, with most anime programs (sorry, but it's true) the dubbing is never anything special. So you are better off turning on the subtitles and the Japanese language track for this one. The DVD is also accompanied without any noteworthy extras. All you get is a few trailers and that's it.

If you're looking for a deep, riveting tale, you're better off spending that cash on that next volume of the Akira manga instead of this. If your looking for a funny action romp, than this is only worth a rental.

- - Grandlethal

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