Romantic Comedy

I'm always a sucker for love stories. Especially when the story involves two people who must cross nigh impossible boundaries to be with each other. Throw in some thick Japanese humor and what you get is Chobits.

The premise is clichéd for an anime series. Motosuwa Hideki has failed his college entrance exams (oh where have we seen this before) and usurps the status of "Ronin" (a cram school student who is planning on retaking the exam). Hideki then moves away from the farm and into Tokyo where he settles into his new apartment. This is where we meet several members of the supporting cast such as his landlady Hibiya Chitose, Hideki's neighbor's Shinbo, and his persocon Sumomo. Shinbo is the one who explains the wonders of persocons to Hideki, machines that look and feel like human beings, but act more like a personal organizer. It doesn't take much to get Hideki interested and decides he must get one for himself.

Unexpectedly he finds a female persocon in the trash although it looks to be fairly new. Hideki, with a little trouble, takes it to his apartment and fiddles around with it. After turning the unit on he discovers that the only thing she can say is "Chii" which Hideki assumes is her name. The rest of the series unfolds with enough twists and turns to run a daytime television show. Everyone Hideki becomes close to seems to have their own agenda in relation to Chii and over time she and Hideki create a strong bond together. To understand the story better you need not to look further then the lyrics, "Pretending not to notice our feelings and then suddenly we just fell in love!" from the opening theme.

Fans of romantic comedies like Love Hina and Ranma½ will definitely enjoy Chobits and appreciate it for it's deep love story and that humor that can only come from Japan. This is really a love it or hate it series, you are either tuned in or turned off. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I have.

- - Grand Admiral

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