Dance till Tomorrow
Naoki Yamamoto

Dance till Tomorrow is the story of a college student, Suekichi, whose desire is to leave college and work with the drama troupe as a producer. The morning after the funeral of his great grandfather, he finds himself hung over with an unfamiliar woman in his bed. During a meeting with the executor of his great grandfather's will, Suekichi learns that he has inherited a stamp collection worth roughly $ 450 million, but this money comes with a catch: he must finish college, get married and set up a career for himself. After this revelation, he and the executor confront Aya Hibino, the girl who managed to come home with Suekichi. Both think that she's just hanging around because she learned of the inheritance and hopes to get a piece of it.

At the heart of this story is a drama about Suekichi's day-to-day life after the funeral, peppered with numerous off-beat elements and a good sense of humor. In one scene, Aya talks a group of Yakuza to come to the troupe's performance rather than "do their business" because of a dissagreement about the noise. During the performance, one of the Yakuza actually gives pointers to the actors on how to use his sword. "Thrust from the hips. You can't kill a guy like that.."

One of the undertones of the story is the internal conflict of Suekichi's libido. On one side, he doesn't mind having Aya around just for the sex, but resents her for trying to hang on to him for the money. On the other side, he can't help but have fantasies about Ms. Shimomura, the drama troupe's leader, but because of their work-like relationship, he fails to try and move on her.

Artistically, this series is fairly stylized and consistent. There are no overly-detailed backgrounds and high-tech diagrams. The art serves the purpose in conveying the story well. In a series that works more on emotion, the art works effectively.

Dance Till Tomorrow is not for anyone under the age of 18. There are a number of "erotic" elements that occur to Suekichi, both in his interection with Aya and in his own mind. Story-wise, anyone who enjoys tales of human interaction should enjoy this series. If you want a manga with lots of action, this is not for you.

- - Vane

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