Detective Boy Conan
Gosho Aoyama
Detective/Crime Solving

Facing stiff competition from other similar detective/crime-solving manga, Detective Boy Conan had emerged as the best-known series of its genre. Created by Gosho Aoyama, it involves complicated methods of crime and at the same time, showcasing ingenious way to understand and solve them. Some of the methods are truly incredible, which will definitely keep you hooked to this series and its 40+ volumes of tankoubon.

Shinichi Kudo is the genius young detective who became famous nationwide after solving numerous high-profile crimes and revered as the "savior of the authorities". But one day, he was attacked by two men in black after being set up. He was beaten to a pulp and forced to consume a special chemical formula, which in turn transforms his physical state into that of an elementary school student. Seeing that his life is in danger, he had to preserve his real identity and assume a new one - Conan Edogawa. With the help of scientist Professor Agasa, he attempts to search for a cure and to find out who were the ones trying to kill him. As a 'distant relative', he now lives with Kogoro Mouri, a clumsy detective who never fails to guess the wrong way around. And his daughter, Ran, is Shinichi's girlfriend. But don't expect much fanservice just because they live under the same roof, although there are exceptions.

Now, the best part of this manga is how brilliant Aoyama was able to create certain situations and incredulously astonishing (but possible in reality) methods of crime. And there is always more than one suspect who could've commited it, which keeps you guessing until the end, and most of the time you will have guessed wrong. It never gets boring, and occasionally Conan has to deal with the two murderous men in black and assassins who are out to get him. This makes for the intense, action part of the manga, complemented by the passive use of intellect in solving crimes.

To be frank, Detective Boy Conan is both funny and mind-boggling, but the level of violence depicted will have to be taken into account. Of course, if you don't mind decapitations and bloody deaths involving butcher knives, this thrilling series is worth getting. Combine creative plots, an excellent storyline and Aoyama's charming style of art and you will get what is arguably the best detective series on manga, period.


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