Dominion Tank Police
Science Fiction

Masamune Shirow's mini-series about a futuristic police force that uses tanks to enforce peace in the Blade-Runneresque Newport City has been translated into this mini-series that's available on VHS and DVD. The story involves Leona, a new recruit to the Tank Police, as she and the others try to stop Buaku and the two Cat sisters, Annapuma and Immapuma.

Unlike the critically acclaimed Ghost In the Shell, Tank Police takes a more humorous vein in it's story-telling and artistically looks more like the original manga. Shirow's character design and artistic style have managed to be kept intact. If you've read the original manga, then don't expect a verbatim translation of the story and plot. Some liberty was taken with the story.

Side characters are nothing more than that. The provide a humorous element to the tale and help to progress the story along, but really don't stand out on their own.

While not too faithful story-wise to the original manga series, the cartoon is still a good watch. You'll enjoy the characters and the tale as it progresses.

- - Kinderfeld

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