Neon Genesis Evangelion
Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

Gainax's post-apocalypic masterpiece is a series worthly of watching. Set in a future where the earth is being assaulted by alien forces known as Angels, earth's only chance to survive is to let a small ground of young teens pilot immense robots known as Evangelions to defeat them. While the idea may sound common to start with, it's handled well and the development of the story is deep and grows more and more interesting as the series continues.

The real strength of the story is the characters - who develop and grow as the series progresses. The relationship between the main character, Ikari, the enigmatic Ayame, and his father provides as a great complement to the combat and sci-fi elements. The side-stories and character elements of this series are great in themselves. Combat scenes are charging and exciting and help in balancing out the story.

The religious symbolism involved with the Angels is handled well. There isn't any heavy handed religious imagery that makes itself overly obvious. Visually, the animation is great and of a high quality. The cinematography is great and the direction is top notch. Stories aren't laid out in a common, linear pattern. The variety or story-telling really amplifies an already great collection of work.

If you haven't had the opportunity to watch this series, then make the effort. Evangelion is a quality piece of work.

- - Vane

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