As the name itself is pretty much self-explanatory, GetBackers (Dakkanya) is a two-man retriever team who claims a 100% success rate to their clients. As they receive various objectives, the two will encounter and try their best to dispatch the handful of dangerous enemies guarding the target object and return it to the clients in mint condition. GetBackers is an addictive and humorous action-packed series and its quality rivals that of the licensed Manga version.

The GetBackers team is made up of Ban Mido and Ginji Amano – each with extraordinary abilities. Ban’s two main powers are his ‘Snake Bite’ (in which his hands possess a 200kg gripping ability) and the powerful ‘Evil Eye’, which causes anyone he stares at to be dragged into a one-minute loop of nightmarish imaginative memories and thoughts. The playful Ginji’s ability is that his whole body can produce high levels of electricity when in a fight, and no one exactly knows what his limits are. Throughout the story, the two men patiently wait in a coffee house for future clients (amidst a few not-so-successful efforts to attract potential customers). They are usually aided by the help of an agent named Hevn, who brings rich clients in seeking their help.

Along the first few episodes the duo will encounter numerous characters which are integral to the rest of the storyline – the first being the group of Transporters, featuring the quiet but extremely violent Akabane and Himiko, who’s a master in creating poisonous fumes. She’s also had a dark past with Ban, and intends to kill him at all costs in the beginning. Another main point being that Ginji was once a leader of the street gang VOLTS in the dark city of Mugenjou, and since he went away and left the gang disbanded, it is now overrun with evil and controlled by a computer mastermind called Makubex (who was one of the VOLTS’s four chiefs) and his men. And the two will also encounter Ginji’s former gang members named Shido, a beast expert and the stringmaster Kazuki (who’s actually a guy, so stop wondering the first time you see him). Shido, Kazuki and Himiko eventually takes up retrieving jobs as well (although Ban never accepts any of them as a GetBacker) and Akabane too, although he only has the desire to find pleasure in his work, and that usually comes from killing enemies.

As the series progresses, most of their missions are filled with twists and surprises, and the addition of intense fighting does ever so well to contribute to its greatness. Ban’s and Ginji’s abilities are highly entertaining to watch (especially Ban’s Evil Eye), most of the storyline is filled with action and at the same time it also manages to be extremely funny (Ginji’s scared expression is absolutely legendary). Another intriguing point is that some of the missions refer to works of music and art (for example: the Stradivarius and Van Gogh’s Sunflowers), and it makes the story well-conceived, imaginative and original in its own right.

Above all, GetBackers is not perfect, but there are rarely any major points worth noting throughout its first season. The characters have depth, the missions are entertaining, the animation is excellent and it’s also incredibly humorous. I hope those four factors will prompt you into watching the Anime, as it’s way better better than most series out there. But, you’ll probably be hooked after seeing the first few episodes anyway so enjoy it.


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