Ghost in the Shell
Masamune Shirow
Science Fiction

Ghost in the Shell is a deep tale of secret police in a society where techno-crime is rampant. The art, especially the painted sections at the beginning of each section, is some of the best in the printed form and the story is strong and filled with characters all with their own definable personalities. Small chunks of humor litter the volume, breaking up the overly deep and serious tone of the book.

This is one of the most intelligent reads that I have ever placed my hands on. Shirow works his magic on creating a believable world with realistic technology in a terse political environment. Often, the conversations are more engrossing than the action because of the depth of intellect and quality of science fiction portrayed. The world as a whole is believable (even more so than our own, at times).

If you've seen the movie and want more, then pick this one up. Hell, if you want a strong sci-fi story in the vein of Blade Runner, then this is for you.

- - Vane

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