Ghost in the Shell
Science Fiction

For those of you who haven't seen this movie: shame on you! This is probably one of the single greatest anime's of all time. Directed by the man who did Akira, this movie presents a deep, thoughtful story of cyborg secret police trying to track down a cyber criminal who might not be the actual villain they've been led to believe.

Sporting the most realistic animination of any animated movie, whether from America or Japan, this movie is so mature and developed that the viewer actually forgets they're watching a "cartoon". In my opinion, this movie is actually better than most non-animated movies by leaps and bounds. Conversations aren't canned. The characters sound like they are real people talking about things as any of us might.

If you have read the original manga then you'll notice some of the differences between the movie and the book (mostly that they've managed just to take the main story and cut out all of the side stories. If they did the whole 8 issues, this movie'd be about 8 hours!). Otherwise, go see this movie, please.

- - Vane

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