Key the Metal Idol
Science Fiction/Drama

Key is one of the rare occassions where a highly science-fiction idea can actually work in a story that has little to no action. Key is a life-like robot that has artifical intelligence. After her maker passes away, she discovers that she can become human isf she wins the love of 30,000 people. If not, she fears that she too will break-down and die. She moves to the city to start her quest.

The animation is good and the supporting cast is what really makes this story. The characters are full-bodied emotionally. The act naturally and have real heart.

With the slow start of the film, one might wonder where the story is going. Have patience - the story grows ever so slowly and naturally. Hints of things out the norm pop-up, drawing you further in as the series evolves.

Consider giving this one a view. Even though it's not pounding with mechs and fighting, it is a great story with charming, heartful characters.

- - Vane

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