Legend of Lemnear
Satoshi Urushihara

Legend of Lemnear is a basic tale, mush like a Japanese version of Dungeons and Dragons. Evil Sorcerors threaten the world with their power while Lemnear and her friends work to stop them. This series, written and drawn by Satoshi Urushihara (Plastic Little) is finely illustrated.

The real crutch, though, is the story. While there does seem to be a continuing story, it really doesn't seem to carry well. Reading through one issue, which can take anywhere from five to ten minutes, usually leaves the reader wanting more. Commonplace battle slurs are issued by both sides and plot twists are extremely commonplace and predictable.

This is not to say that this series doesn't have merit. The art is excellent, even though commonly risque. One wonders how many reasons Urushihara can find to have poor Lemnear lose her clothes.

My suggestion is to only get this if you like Urushihara's artwork - this is a well-illustrated series. But, there are better manga's out there when it comes to story and the lack of a serious plot really hampers this series.

- - Kinderfeld

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