Ninja Scroll
Historical Fantasy

Set in Feudal Japan, Ninja Scroll is the tale of a wandering ninja for hire (Jubei) who happens across Kagero, a ninja poison-taster for one of the local clans. After saving her from a sure death, he becomes entangled in a plot with the Seven Devils of Kimon, who poison one of the nearby towns to make it look like a plague has overtaken it so they can sneak a shipment of gold out for the Shogun of the Dark. While pursuing the Seven Devils, Jubei comes to realize that their leader is the same man who he had decapitated many years ago for betraying him.

From start to finish, this movie moves quickly and is packed with quality action. The art and animation is top notch and the story is deep and enthralling. The swordfights are a joy to watch and the characters show a history and personalities that are more than one-dimensional.

Anyone who loves ninjas or anything about Feudal Japan should nab this video up quickly. It is probably the best ninja movie ever to be animated.

- - Vane

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