Plastic Little

Plastic Little is a fairly faithful anime translation of Satoshi Urushihara's manga by the same name in which the young, nubile Captain Tita of the ship Cha Cha Maru accidentally finds herself wrapped up in a conflict when she rescues Elysse from certain capture and murder. From that point, Tita discovers the the reason behind Elysse's plight, only to discover a plot to destroy the resort colony on which they are staying. From that point, Tita rushes in to stop the villains with only a few minutes of spiritual pep-talk from a nostalgic reminiscence of her deceased father.

Plastic Little, on the whole, is good, albeit shallow, fun. The cast has it's fair share of the usual anime/manga archetypes, including the dopy, in-love sidekick, grizzled veterans and the standard dark, menacing villain. The actions flies fast and with a good amount of style. The animation is excellent and is a great transfer from Urushihara's written work. Visually, even without a lot of computer-generated effects, this anime has a gloss to it that makes it good to watch. Of course, the cheesecake "fan service" helps.

There's does seem to be a bit of casual nudity and extra bounciness from the female characters. Tita tends to show as much concern for the plight of Elysse as she does her own small breast size. But considering the source material, you should know what to expect coming into this.

What Plastic Little really needs is just some added character and story depth. Running at less than an hour, this anime just gets enough time to pack in the bare skeleton of a story as reason for the action and a few moments of humor. What you do get is good in it's own right, but with some more time to fill out the characters and provide some kind of motive behind their actions, Plastic Little could have evolved into something really good.

With having said that, Plastic Little is still a fair ride for those who don't want anything "heady". You get a good serving of action that's well drawn and moves quick enough to keep from being boring. And the occasional "fan service" doesn't hurt. Just don't go in expecting anything new in the character and plot department.

- - Vane

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