Please Save My Earth
Shoujo, Sci-Fi

A Little Background: Please Save My Earth is a manga series by Saki Hiwatari. This is shoujo manga at its best, focusing on the relationships between seven alien scientists who come to live on Earth's moon. Unfortunately, problems arise and they are forced to seek new lives on Earth, but are separated from each other. The story focuses on the unresolved issues between these characters, and their goals and hopes for their new home planet. The manga is adapted wonderfully into an anime, but unfortunately they ran out of funds making the series and had to end it prematurely. This is the main flaw of the anime, as the story proceeds at a slow but steady pace until the last episode or two, which has to suddenly come to an ending of sorts. Don't get me wrong, the story does wrap up, and nicely, but only for the interim. Really, you feel like you've just seen the introductory chapters to an epic story, and it leaves you wanting more. But there is no more. Even the original manga hasn't yet been translated into English. So unless you read Japanese, you're out of luck.

The Movie: Don't let that stop you from watching this series though. The characters are sometimes not the most likeable, but the more you watch the series and get into the story, the more believable they are. And you may get very attached to them. (Every viewer has a favorite among the seven.) The animation, while older, is very well done and has a style that far exceeds that in the manga and meshes wonderfully with the subject matter. The dub is actually really good, too, and while sparse, the music is high quality all the way…some of it by Yoko Kanno. So, video is good, audio is good, story, dialogue, and characters all a plus. This even has a little action in it in the form of each alien having a psionic power. Really the only drawback is that you won't get to see the story threads wrapped up. But what's here is great.

Suitable For Kids?: The themes in this anime are a little mature, but everything is presented in a polite manner. Should be suitable for Junior High level and up.

DVD: The DVD actually has all six episodes on one disc, with options! A rarity in this day of anime fan exploitation…(two to four episodes on a disc ). There are character profiles and a clean closing animation which basically makes for a music video. Most importantly, there is an FAQ that helps to wrap up some of the dangling plotlines and burning questions you may have after viewing the series. All told, a really good DVD, definitely worth buying.

- - Jeff Light

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