Sorcerer Hunters

Sorceror Hunters is the tale of Carrot Glace and his team of Sorceror Hunters who go around the world fighting evil sorcerors and magical monsters. While they do this, the oversexed main character spends as much of his free time trying to hit on every woman and girl he comes by, ignoring the love cries of his own side characters.

Speaking of side characters, the ones in this tale are fairly common-place. Gateau is the strong, pretty-boy and Marron, Carrot's brother, is the magical cleric-type. It's this commonplaceness of characters that serious holds this series back. Of course, the story doesn't really lend a hand.

It becomes obvious when watching the stories that very little effort has been put into the plot. If it weren't for the comical bits, this video might not be worth the watch.

Consider this anime's version of a campy romp. If Benny Hill or Monty Python were to write an anime series, this might be it. Just don't expect to have your mind expanded.

- - Vane

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