Star Wars
Hisao Tamaki

Dark Horse Comics, the company known well for it's manga series (Blade of the Immortal, Appleseed) and for it's many Star Wars series, has brought to America a treat that encompasses both. Acclaimed manga artist Hisao Tamaki masterfully translates George Lucas' script into a fine four-book series.

Fine detail is used in recreating the original tale while remaining faithful to Lucas' concept is handled well. The covers by Adam Warren are also finely done.

Star Wars purists may not take to these books because of small bits of the script that are snipped out to fit the whole story in, but Tamaki's take on the character personalities does shine through. There are instances where a facial expression that might have been lost in the original film is captured in the manga. This added character depth gives the reader another person's insight to the famous tale.

If you've ever loved Star Wars and Manga, then this really is a treat for you. While some people may find it hard to sit down and read a manga based on a movie, this really is a great collection just to have.

- - Vane

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