Steel Angel Kurumi 2

Speaking as a fan of lighthearted anime with a wacky and comedic twist, it is kind of hard to find a series that does a good job of storytelling without seeming a little derivative and boring. The first Steel Angel series offered and new and exciting twist on the whole mankind-and-cyborg-relationship aspect we've seen in so many other anime (and even some games, Xenosaga for instance) and gave it a new and exciting perspective. Luckily for all the anime fans out there, ADV films is releasing the 2nd series for us lucky American otakus.

The story of this anime is about a young, fairly unpopular freshman at her local high school, her name is Nako, Nako and her best friend Uraka search an underground passage and Nako accidentally awakens an ancient robot called a "Steel Angel" by locking lips with this stunning cyborg, she is then made master of this steel angel named Kurumi, who aims to do nothing but please her new master, Miss Nako. Nako's friend Uraka becomes jealous of Nako and Kurumi's close (and sometimes intimate) relationship, and tries to find a means to stop this steel angel from 'corrupting' her best friend.

Unfortunately for Uraka, this steel angel is nearly indestructible and is very skilled in the arts of armed and unarmed combat. Luckily Uraka's dad is one of the richest and most powerful men in Japan, complete with his own army of military mech-robots, and he would do perhaps anything for her daughter's own happiness and well-being. So Uraka's father ends up activating another steel angel to battle against Kurumi, what he doesn't realize is that these steel angels are in fact sisters, and there is no hostility between them whatsoever. There are also some other outside forces which try to injure Kurumi and Nako's relationship, but I won't spoil those those surprises for you just yet.

In case you were wondering, to enjoy this anime you do not have to watch the first series to understand this one - it stands completely on it's own. The only advantage the previous series had over this one was was the length, this one is only 12 'mini-episodes' long and spans only 2 volumes, yes this one is short but it's just as sweet as the first (but with more female characters). The disappointing length is the only thing I have against this anime, after it's over, the ending just doesn't set right with the viewer, which will leave him/her feeling a little bit cheated as the ending seemed to have been rushed (it's kinda predictable).

Remember this anime is not for kids, it has it's fair share of fan service and includes a lot of innuendo, primarily on the topic of lesbianism, which was enough to warrant a 17+ rating. So if your looking for a cute and cuddly anime for someone younger, don't even think about this one. It's usually fairly tame and includes just a brief amount of nudity, but it's still enough to consider when dealing with a younger audience, but it shouldn't be something your average teenager couldn't handle.

The picture quality and animation is very clean and pretty to look at, there's no fancy cgi sequences or anything of that nature, just traditional 2d Japanese animation, and the voice-acting is decent (both english & Japanese) and never become unbearable. Fans of the Burn Up series, and the adult themes of Agent Aika will love this anime, and if you find this to be enjoyable, don't forget about the first series either.

- - Grandlethal

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