Twelve Kingdoms

Also known as Jyuuni Kokki, Twelve Kingdoms is a tense, exhilarating series about myth, fantasy and adventure. The plot is incredibly deep and so complex that you will be surprised by how perplexed it actually is. It tells the story of ordinary high school student Yoko Nakajima, a shy and self-absorbed girl who tries to set an example of a good student but is secretly loathed by her classmates. One day, a man who calls himself Keiki came to her and pledged his loyalty to Yoko for her ‘future responsibilities’ and asks for her to come with him. Suddenly, a gigantic bird appears out of nowhere and tries to kill her. Within that frantic moment, she was eventually carried through a whirlpool in the sea and ended up in an alternate dimension, that is the world Twelve Kingdoms.

Separated with Keiki soon after, she and her two friends; the selfish and malcontent Sugimoto and Yoko’s distant love interest Asano will have to survive somehow. The trio were eventually caught by a group of villagers who acknowledged them as ‘people from the sea’. It was known that the locals think that seamen bring bad luck and disaster to their lives and had to be imprisoned. Amidst all the trouble, the three managed to escape and tried to search for Keiki who might find a way for them to return home. Stranded in a strange land, Yoko had to fend off demonic beasts that attack them with a mysterious sword previously given by Keiki. Aided by a spirit inside her, she was able to gather the courage to fight her way through a number of encounters. She was also the only person of the three who was able to speak the native language. Together they had no choice but to continue surviving and travel through the unknown reaches of that world.

As everything progresses, they too will be separated from each other. As Yoko was left alone, she faced mental torture from a mysterious figure who seems to know everything about her past. From the reflection off her sword, Yoko was able to see events in the other world and finally realized that no one ever liked her as a friend. Although repeatedly told to commit suicide, she eventually managed to shake off the figure and vowed to live only for herself. As she journeyed through treacherous lands, she will learn about the origin of the twelve kingdoms that made up the world, her true origins and her destiny. She will later know that she was brought there for a reason, a monumental one that could determine the fate of thousands living in that world.

As it turns out, Twelve Kingdoms is a fantastic Anime that delves into the subjects of life, death and everything in between. It even touches on certain serious properties such as racial misconception, political corruption and the hardness of poverty. This series has an excellent storyline, complemented by a balanced mix of adventure and action. It’s very good, and highly recommendable for those searching for something out of the ordinary.


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