A Wind Named Amnesia

AWNA is a tale of a travler (Wataroo) who travels through America after it is struck by a cataclysmic event: chemical warfare has caused everyone to develop amnesia. And this isn't some small-time amnesia. They've forgotten how to talk, act, or anything else, thereby reducing them to cavemen in nicer clothes.

The story unfolds as Wataroo is joined by an otherworldly woman who wants to help him find out what happened to the world. He explains that he once was like the rest but became re-educated by a young handicapped man in a scientific facility. Also, he finds himself being pursued by an automated mech with only one goal, to kill him.

A Wind Named Amnesia's greatest fault is that it asks the viewer to suspend disbelief to the point of almost forcing amnesia on oneself. This would not be a problem if this were a strong action movie, but with the slower pace of the movie, the weak overtones are left out there for the viewer to mull over as the film plays out.

With a better thought-out plot and deeper script, this movie would have excelled, but the apparent lack of conviction just seem too vast to be ignored.

- - Vane

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