Disgaea Portable Announced [08/30/06]

The good folks over at NIS America were kind enough to send us some information on a title sure to make Nippon Ichi fans giddy with joy: Digaea™ Portable for the PSP. Yep, the PS2 strategy RPG classic is on it's way to the PSP. But what's new?

Well, first and foremost, the game will feature new dungeons and all new scenarios. The game will also feature new cutscenes, all voice acted by the original voice cast. The original graphics look great and translate well to the PSP screen. In fact, I would say they look better than most of the games I've seen and played for the PSP.

Digaea™ Portable for the PSP is slated for a November release in Japan. There is no confirmation for a North America release.

- - Kinderfeld

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