Into Liquid Sky Closes [09/29/06]

After seven years long and fun years, I have the responsibility to announce the closing of Into Liquid Sky. I wouldn't say that this is a sad announcement, but one that was an inevitable decision. While we had managed to take a hiatus previously to "recharge our batteries" and take a break from the site, there are many reasons why this decision was a long time coming.

First and foremost, as an independent site run by amateurs, we had to try an establish our niche in the market as not only a videogame review site, but a site that covered other media that would be of interest to the same crowd. This left us with a ton of content that we had to regularly update. Unfortunately, it also left us with a lot of sections that we just didn't have the time to cover, both financially and time wise. To be honest, we could never compete in terms of quality content with the big sites and because of that, even being a niche site never generated the level of interest to make the investment in time worth it.

If you look at the landscape of videogame sites on the internet as of right now, you'd need to bring a shotgun to shoot your way to the few good sites. There is good quality content out there, but you have to dig through a lot of crap and me-too sites to get to it. Of course, there's the big dogs like Gamespot and IGN, but they've become so advertising and revenue driven that you have to take their reviews with the same grain of salt that you would print media.

As of today, I can only say that places like eToyChest ( and Hardcore Gamer Magazine ( seem to have the true videogamer in mind when providing quality and unique content. Do yourself and check both out.

I would certainly like to thank everyone who helped out around the site and helped with proving us quality content over the years.

The Reviewers:
Bluezero, Kid Spatula, Chris Rivera, Miss Tiger, Darken Rahl, Missionhockey, Earl Ferrer, Mr. Disturbed, Fox the Sly, Rise of the Phoenix, FREEQZ, Teresa Clare, Grand Admiral, THAguyINgta3, Grandlethal, Vane, Jeff Light, Justin Celani, and I'm sure a number of others I've forgotten. Also, thanks goes out to everyone who contributed to the Ephemeral Fantasia mini-site.

The Websites:
DarkZero ( (
Metacritic (
Gaming World

The Industry:
Jack Niida and Nao Zook from NIS America
Jason Madhosingh and Terry Goldman at ElectricArtists Inc.
Jon Lenaway and Neil Wood at Step-3
Everyone at the Hypecouncil

I could say that this is a sad announcement, but it's really just an inevitable event. The current content available on the site will remain as I intend on using the ILS brand for a personal side project that I've been building over the past few months. It's been an enjoyable experience to see a whole videogame generation start and end as a gaming site, but now it's time to sit back and enjoy what the future has to offer.

- - Kinderfeld

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