Disgaea Portable Announced [08/30/06] Games
Everyone's favorite PS2 SRPG comes to the PSP.

Spectral Souls Cover Revealed [08/16/06] Games
Nippon Ichi sends us the are for their new PSP title.

Blade Dancer Released [07/18/06] Games
Nippon Ichi releases a new RPG for the PSP.

Disgaea 2 Cover Revealed [07/10/06] Games
Nippon Ichi shows off the cover to their upcoming sequel.

Ar tonelico Announced for PS2 [05/11/06] Games
Nippon Ichi to release Banpresto game in North America.

Atelier Iris 2 In Stores [04/26/06] Games
The sequel to Gust's old school RPG arrives in stores.

Generation of Chaos Mini-Guide Available [3/10/06] Games
A handy reference guide is now available from NIS America.

Generation of Chaos in Stores [2/28/06] Games
NIS America delivers a SRPG for the PSP.

Disgaea 2 Announced [2/17/06] Games
Nippon Ichi unleashes info on the sequel to their big gun.

Disgaea Anime Media [2/17/06] Anime/Manga
Some info and screens of the upcoming anime.

Blade Dancer for PSP Announced [2/17/06] Games
NIS America to publish another PSP game.

The Music of Silent Hill [1/27/06] Movies | Music | Games
With the upcoming movie using music from the games, we decided to review Akira Yamaoka's work.

Spectral Souls U.S. Release Announced [12/20/05] Games
Nippon Ichi has another game coming out for the PSP.

Disgaea To Become Anime [10/18/05] Games
It's kind of a no-brainer.

We Love Katamari Desktop Buddy Available [09/29/05] Games
If you Love Katamari, you'll go download this.

Makai Kingdom Ships to Retailers [07/27/05] Games
Nippon Ichi's newest SRPG heads to retail.

Call of Cthulhu Survival Horror Title Announced [05/13/05] Games
HeadFirst is developing Destiny's End.

Advent Rising Trailer During Episode 3 [05/11/05] Games
Majesco plays a smart move with the theatrical trailer.

Advent Rising Contest [05/11/05] Games
Win a $1,000,000 and get to play Advent Rising? Yes, please.

PlayStation Portable (PSP) Review [04/20/05] Games
We get hands on with Sony's new handheld.

VGL Opens Registration for National Tourney [03/22/05] Games
Good at Halo 2? Show off your stuff and win a 2005 Scion xB.

Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana Website Launches [03/11/05] Games
Website will expose visitors to the world of alchemy.

Pac-Pix Announced for DS [03/09/05] Games
Namco's Legendary Videogame Icon Comes To Life Through Player's Drawings and New Technology.

Ridge Racer (PSP) Goes Gold [03/01/05] Games
Launch Title for the PSP Handheld System Goes Gold.

Makai Kingdom ~ Chronicles of the Sacred Tome ~ U.S. Release Announced [02/11/05] Games
Nippon Ichi announces a new SRPG for the North America market.

Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana Details and Media [02/11/05] Games
Details and screens for the SRPG being published by NIS America.

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