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Warren Ellis Interview [12/29/03] Games | Collectibles
Jeff Light asks the Transmetropolitan author about his work in the upcoming PS2 FPS Cold Winter.

Rockstar Announces Games for 2004 [12/18/03] Games
Including Red Dead Revolver for PS2 and Xbox and Manhunt for the Xbox.

Spawn Armageddon AIM Icons [12/06/03] Games
Here are some AIM Icons for the recently released game staring McFarlane's Spawn.

LOTR:ROTK Soundtrack w/ Annie Lennox [11/18/03] Movies | Music
Check out the press release and sneak peak of the upcoming album.

Things That Bothered Me About The Matrix [11/13/03] Movies
Jeff Light details some of the things that he felt weren't explained in the Matrix sequels. SPOILERS INSIDE.

True Crime to Appear on MTV2 and The Source Hip Hop Awards [11/04/03] Games | Music
Expect to see this newly released title all over the place, including PUMA shops.

Activision Announces Songs for True Crime [11/02/03] Games
Activision shows that they're serious about this title with an impressive musical lineup.

MTX: Monotrax Demo on T.H.U.G. [10/30/03] Games
If you picked up the PS2 version of T.H.U.G., you have a demo you should try out.

Snoop Dogg to Appear in True Crime: Streets of L.A. [10/30/03] Games
Rapper Snoop Dogg will be a playable character in True Crimes.

P.O.D./Amplitude Press and Media [10/24/03] Games | Music
P.O.D. Announces the upcoming release of their album and a collaboration with Sony.

Mastiff LLC announces La Pucelle: Tactics [10/22/03] Games
The makers of Disgaea are already at work on a new PS2 title.

I-Ninja AIM Icons [10/10/03] Games
Here's some AIM Icons for Namco's upcoming ninja game.

Electric Artists Looking for Interns [9/20/03] Movies | Music | Games/Gaming Culture
Looking for a chance to break into the gaming industry? Start here.

Take Two Announces GTA Two Pack for PS2 and Xbox [9/03/03] Games
The GTA series will come out for the Xbox and PS2 in a compilation.

Soul Calibur 2 AIM Icons [6/27/03] Games
Try out some of these AIM Icons for the upcoming fighter.

WA Passes Violent Games Law [5/22/03] Games
It's now a $500 fine to sell or rent to minors in WA.

E3 Impressions from Slasher_Thrasher [5/20/03] Games
ILS' own reviewer gives us post-E3 impressions of the games shown.

Sony Announces PSP Handheld for 2004 [5/13/03] Games
Sony reveals their long rumored handheld before E3.

SNK Returns [4/29/03] Games
Fan favorite NeoGeo developer makes a return to gaming.

Gamecube Players Choice [2/11/03] Games
Nintendo finally brings out its long-awaited discount game line.

Xbox Platinum Hits [2/01/03] Games
Microsoft releases the first of its reduced price titles without much notice.

Xenosaga Press Release and Buddy Icons [1/29/03] Games brings you a press release and Buddy Icons for the upcoming PS2 RPG.

Infinium Labs Announces the Phantom [1/20/03] Games
Can the market handle a 4th console? Infinium Labs hopes so.

How to Draw Anime and Manga [1/20/03] Anime/Manga
Fledgling anime/manga artists are finally getting some attention from book publishers.

GameBoy Advance SP [1/07/03] Games
Nintendo announces a revised version of their current handheld coming out early this year.

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Lord of the Rings Buddy Icons [12/29/02] Movies
Here are some LOTR themed Buddy Icons for download.

GameCube GameBoy Advance Player [11/20/02] Games
In 2003, Nintendo will let gamers play GameBoy games play on the TV through their GC.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Soundtracks [10/22/02] Games
A 7 album series of soundtracks is announced for release alongside the game.

Rare: Goodbye Nintendo, Hello Microsoft [09/24/02] Games
It's been rumored for a long time. Now the rumor becomes a reality.

New Controllers for All [09/24/02] Games
Wavebird, Controller S, colored Dual Shock 2s - all controllers you didn't get with your console.

Online Gaming Around the Corner [08/14/02] Games
What do you need to get online? When is it going to happen? Do I need broadband?

Anime on the Silver Screen [07/19/02] Anime/Manga | Movies
Why don't more Anime feature films get their shot in the theaters? They let everything else in.

Nostalgia Revisited [07/18/02] Games
It looks like old fan favorites are being brought back for this year's gaming season.

GameCube Goes to $149 [05/20/02] Games
Nintendo announces expected price cuts to match Microsoft and Sony.

Microsoft cuts price of Xbox [05/15/02] Games
Microsoft follows Sony's move by cutting the price of it's console to $199 in the US.

Sony Announces Price Drop for PS2 [05/14/02] Games
Sony beats the competition to the price-cutting line by announcing a whole slew of price cuts on both consoles and peripherals.

Congress Addresses Violent Games [05/07/02] Games
A bill being proposed in Congress would make it illegal to sell violent games to minors. What affect might this have on gamers in general.

Comics Go To the Movies [04/12/02] Collectibles | Movies
The conversion from the printed page of comic books to the silver screen almost always never seems to come out right.

Toy Lines for Anime and Manga [04/02/02] Anime/Manga | Collectibles
We're finally seeing more of the fan favorite series getting their own toys lines in more than import shops in North America.

Xbox Console Review [04/02/02] Games
Microsoft's first attempt at console gaming proves to be a large, powerful freshman machine.

Do the Rating Systems Work? [03/28/02] Movies | Games | Music
We raise the question whether the rating systems for videogames, movies and music do actually work or are they merely a hassle.

Playstation 2 Greatest Hits line [03/17/02] Games
Following the PSOne tradition, Sony has announced their Greatest Hits lineup and price.

GameCube Console Review [03/15/02] Games
We finally get out hands on Nintendo's newest addition to their videogaming legacy.

Movies - Longer than they used to be... [03/12/02] Movies
You go see a movie in the theatre. You think you've seen all of footage there is. Then the movie comes out again with new footage. You ask yourself why didn't the movie come out whole the first time.

Porting - The Good and The Bad [03/02/02] Games
Many an argument has revolved around whethe one console's version of a game is better than another. Want to know why game developers port games? We try to explain why.

GameBoy Advance Review [02/19/02] Games
We got our hands on this hot little item, which looks to have so much potential. It plays all of the old games and the new games look just great.

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Console War - Facts and Myths [12/22/01] Games
Tired of hearing lies by fanboys of one console or another. Check out this commentary to see what's truth and what isn't.

Movies and Games - Successful Combination? [10/17/01] Movies | Games
Ever pick up a bad game based on a movie? Go see a film whose premise is based on a popular videogame. We know how you feel.

Toylines for Videogames [10/17/01] Collectibles | Games
Along with movies and cartoons, videogames has become a booming market for toy and collectible sales. We give a run-down of what has come before.

Movie Etiquette [08/20/01] Movies
Ever go to a film and have the whole experience ruined by everyone else. Did it ever make you just want to wait for the video? Here's a few rules we hope the rest of the world will be kind enough to observe.

Best and Worst of Strategy Guides [08/04/01] Games
Ever buy a guide along with a game only to have it ruin the game for you? Check out this commentary on some of our favorites and some that we just loathe.

The Best of the Playstation [06/09/01] Games
With this little grey box slowly but surely fading away, we decided to compile a list of games you might want to own before they disappear.

The Best in Sci-Fi [06/09/01] Movies
With so many cheesy and poorly done sci-fi flicks out there, we decided to compile a list of what is the best of this genre.

Music's Untapped Market [06/09/01] Music
You hear popular music on TV, in the movies and in commercials. Why don't more show up in your games?

Building the Perfect RPGBuilding the Perfect RPG [4/10/01] Games
Tired of playing games that don't seem to do much to change the genre? So are we, so we came up with a plan on how to design a RPG that all gamers will love.

Toy Fair 2001 [4/06/01] Collectibles
Check out this listing of what was on show and what will be coming out over the next year.

Playstation 2 [03/02/01] Games
This hard-to-find little black box has finally made it our way. Check out our hands-on review of the system, game line-up and memory card here.

10 Figures/Series We'd like to see [3/02/01] Collectibles
The toy industry seems to be able to make anything into an action figure. We have a few suggestions that they might want to check out.

The Dream(cast) is Over [01/31/01] Games
Sega doesn't seem to know whether it's going or coming. Check out out commentary on their current situation.

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McFarland Does Giger [12/14/00] Collectibles
If you've ever been intrigued of horrified by H.R. Giger's work, then McFarland Toys new venture might pique your interest.

The Devil in Movies [12/13/00] Movies
You would think that someone who's been wrecking the lives of so many would get a little respect from Hollywood. But, apparently their view of Satan is a little less impressive.

The Best Music for Christmas [11/30/00] Music
Sick of everyone putting out second-rate Christmas music? So are we, so we made this list of some of the best Christmas Albums from our childhoods. See if any of them ring a bell for you.

No Money in Collectibles, Pt.1 [11/24/00] Collectibles
Go to the Comic Store often? Do you buy because you want a collectible issue that'll be worth something later? So do about a million other people.

No Money in Collectibles, Pt.2 [11/24/00] Collectibles
Let down by low resale prices on comics, check out the figure market. If you find the right series to collect, you might hit the jackpot. Blunder or Genius? [11/20/00] Games
Enjoying FFIX? So were we.. until we were forced to go online to get some answers from Square's new website built for their online strategy.

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