Articles (2004)

Doom3 Ships for PC [08/03/04] Games
id Software releases the long-awaited FPS sequel.

THUG 2 Fact Sheet and Screens [07/27/04] Games
Tony Hawk Underground 2 looks to improve on the series.

Athens 2004 Olympic Games Album Announced [07/27/04] Music
EMI Music lines up big names for this Olympic album.

Spider-Man 2 Ships 2 Million Units [07/12/04] Games
Activision ships a lot of their new movie tie-in title.

Phantom Brave Details and Media [06/07/04] Games
Nippon Ichi does it again with a new SRPG on the PS2.

Duel Masters: Sempai Legends Media [05/25/04] Games
Check out screens and a bunch of links for the upcoming GBA game.

Alien Ant Farm Releases Video For Drifting Apart [05/25/04] Games
Download the video for the first single from the band's new album.

X-Men Legends Website Opens [05/13/04] Games
If you're even remotely interested in this game, go to the website NOW.

PSP and Nintendo DS Preview [05/12/04] Games
Nintendo and Sony reveal their handhelds at Pre E3 meetings.

Call of Duty: Finest Hour Screens [05/10/04] Games
Check out these preview pics from the upcoming title.

Activision Announces E3 Lineup [05/05/04] Games
Titles like Doom 3, X-Men Legends and Spiderman 2 will be on display.

Front Mission 4 Demo Disc [05/05/04] Games
If you ordered this free disc, you should be playing it by now.

Shrek 2 Ships Press Release [04/29/04] Games
Shrek 2: The Game ships to retailers.

Lo-Pro Releases Video For Sunday [04/29/04] Music
Check out the first video from Lo-Pro's debut album.

Resonance Announced [04/08/04] Games
A new survival horror title is announced by Neocell Factory.

PS2 HDD and Final Fantasy XI Impressions [04/06/04] Games
See what Sony's peripheral and Square-Enix's MMORPG have to offer.

Which Transformer Are You? [04/02/04] Games
Find out if you're Optimus Prime in this quiz for the upcoming PS2 game.

Fight Night Info and Screens [03/22/04] Games
Check out info and screens of EA's upcoming boxing title.

Namco to Publish Flagship Studios' PC Title [03/18/04] Games
Namco looks to enter the PC gaming market with their new partnership.

Tenchu RFD In Stores Now + New Screens [03/09/04] Games
Tenchu for the Xbox hits the shelves of your local stores.

MTX: Mototrax In Stores Now [03/05/04] Games
Activision's motorcross title for PS2 and Xbox is now available.

Lo-Pro Giveaway - Xbox and Ibanez Guitar [03/03/04] Music | Games
You can win an Xbox and an Ibanez Guitar courtesy of Lo-Pro.

Shrek 2 Media and Fact Sheet [02/23/04] Games
Activision looks to make a squad-based game on the upcoming animated sequel.

Tenchu RFD T-Shirt with Pre-Order [02/23/04] Games
As before, if you pre-order the new Tenchu game, you can get your own T-shirt.

Pitfall In Stores Now [02/20/04] Games
Activision's multiconsole adventure title starring Pitfall Harry is now out.

MTX: Mototrax Soundtrack Announced [02/20/04] Games | Music
The soundtrack for this upcoming Motorcross title will feature Slipknot.

MTX: Mototrax Press and Media [02/16/04] Games
Check out screens and the Fact Sheet for this upcoming motocross game.

Lo-Pro Tour Dates [02/12/04] Music
Lo-Pro reveals dates as they plan to tour with Three Days Grace.

Pitfall Media, Fact Sheet and Fan Site Kit [02/10/04] Games
We have screenshots, Fact Sheet and a link to the fan site kit from Activision.

Tenchu®: Return From Darkness™:Fan Site Kit Available [02/05/04] Games
Activision gives you the tools to make your own site based on the upcoming game.

Lo-Pro Press and Media Player [02/05/04] Music
Listen to songs from the band featuring members from Godsmack, Ultraspank, Amen and Snot.

X-Men Legends Pictures and Art [01/27/04] Games
Activision shows off new screens and art for the upcoming X-Men RPG.

Tenchu®: Return From Darkness™: Mifuyu & Tesshu [01/27/04] Games
Check out the Xbox-exclusive boss and more screens on this upcoming ninja game.

Nintendo DS [01/21/04] Games
Nintendo reveals that they're working on a completely new handheld.

Tenchu®: Return From Darkness™ Media [01/18/04] Games
Activision launches the site and gives us screens and info on the new game.

History Channel Goes Barbarian [01/05/04] Entertainment
The History Channel gives you two nights of Barbarian Action on the 19th and 20th.

Games Missing In Action [01/02/04] Games
So many titles. Some of them don't get finished. Here are some of them.

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