Here are a number of sites our staff enjoy visiting. None of these sites are paying for their inclusion in this list, so feel free to look around. Collectibles
This all-purpose information website has a number of excellent sections on the various fields of collectibles. Try one of the following sites to see if you can find what you're looking for: Anime/Manga
Independent anime and manga review site with forum, release dates and television listings.

Anime News Network Anime/Manga
Reliable and comprehensive Anime and Manga with tons of great info for those big into the genre.

Another Universe Collectibles
A quality toys and collectibles website in which you can usually locate toys that might be hard to find or no longer available in the stores.

Dark Horizons Movies
Look here for news and trailers of upcoming movies.

Dark Horse Anime/Manga
The corporate site for the "underground" comics company who oftern bring a number of good manga to the states. Games
Sharp videogame website with news, reviews, features, release dates and a forum. Check them out for some great information.

GameFAQs Games/Gaming Culture
This site is composed of FAQs (frequently asked questions), reviews, info and message boards about almost any game sold. All literature available is written by amatuer writers but professional gamers.

Gaming World Games/Gaming Culture
Fellow independent videogame site that focuses on news and reviews for all consoles. A quality site that's worth the time to visit. If you are interested in reviewing for them, go here. Movies
Want to know what the times of a certain movie is. Check out here for theatres in your local area.

Hymen Records Music
Website for the German ambient/techno/dub/industrial Record label. Music and wallpaper downloads available.

Manga Anime/Manga
The corporate website for the anime video company.

Metacritic Movies | Music | Games
Metacritic is a wonderful resource for those looking for comprehensive information on game, music and movie reviews. This site compiles other professional reviews and gives each product a grade based on the group average.

Penny Arcade Gaming Comics/Culture
Have you ever wanted to read comic strips about the lives/troubles of fellow videogamers? This is where you want to go. Think of these like "Garfield" and "Hagar the Horrible" for the Next-Gen generation, except funny.

Roadrunner Records Music
The corporate site for the heavy metal label responsible for acts like Slipknot, Fear Factory and Sepultura. Free music and materials are available for download.

Rotten Tomatoes Movies
This site dedicated to movies collects reviews from numerous online newspapers and magazines to give the reader an overview of what to expect from a movie.

Sacred Monsters Productions Movies | Music | Culture
Our own Ruthven's personal site. Check it out.

Studio Proteus Anime/Manga
The company responsible for bringing so much of Masumune Shirow's works to American fans.

Viz Comics Anime/Manga
The website for the manga publishers.

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