Included in set:
Guts (Black Swordsman), Guts (Hawk Soldier), Griffith, Caska, Skeleton Knight

Toycom is known mostly for bringing over anime series figures to the States, and for doing characters from video games. Well in this case they get to do both, as Berserk was originally a manga, then an anime series, then a video game. These figures are a little old, but with the anime having just come out on DVD in English, you might start seeing them available in a much wider range of stores.

There are only five figures in this initial set, and two are different versions of the main character, but Toycom has released additional Berserk figurines of various sizes and price levels since these, and they have more on the way. The figures are pretty detailed, with no errors in coloring or manufacturing. They reproduce the character's looks in about as much detail as plastic will allow. They each come with a couple accessories such as swords or helmets, and with stands. There isn't very much articulation, though. They're billed as having seventeen points of articulation, but I don't see it. Mostly you can move their arms and legs and head at the main joints, but there's little benefit to doing so as they're posed in particular stances and are best put on the stands and left basically in the same stance. Beware, though, because they're in particular stances, over time they may start to lean and it will be hard to keep them standing in their stances.

These might not have much collectibility, but fans of the anime will be pleased, as they're pretty cool 7" representations of the main few characters. The MSRP is about $18.00, but since these've been out for awhile, I'd try to find them cheaper. They also have these same characters as 4" mini-figurines without all the details for about $7.00 and as deluxe 9" statues for around $100.00. If you like these, or the anime, look into the statues, they're awesome and well worth the money!

- - Jeff Light

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