Devil May Cry
Included in set:
Dante, Trish, Marionettes (various)

A long time coming, Capcom has worked with Toycom to deliver a limited line of figures based on the first Devil May Cry game. Toycom has made a name for itself by delivering a few small anime based series (Man Machine Interface, Silent Mobius) and the King of the Hill series and now delivers a limited but familiar series.

First and foremost, the series obviously comes with Dante, the star of the game, who comes with his handguns and sword. Along with Dante is Trish, equipped with two handguns, and various colored Marionette demons. It's obvious from the limited selection that this series was intended just to test the waters. It would have been nice to see Nelo Angelo, the Phantom or a Sin Scythe in the series. Maybe if this series does well enough, we'll see them and even a few characters from the second game.

When it comes to the figures, both Dante and Trish look well detailed and stylized, but with a more anime influence to their sculpturing. While not as realistically sculpted as most of McFarlane's lines, the figures do look good. Too bad neither have too many points of articulation. So, if you plan on taking them out of the packaging, don't expect to do much with them outside of their stylish poses. Dante has his guns-a-blazing action pose while Trish mimics the female silhouette logo. All of the figures come with weapons, including various hands for the Marionettes, who are a nice addition to the series but still don't prove to be anything completely spectacular. Their colorful paint jobs are a nice contrast to the limited palettes of Trish and Dante.

Fans of the original game will surely snap up the Dante figure and maybe even the stylish Trish. Collectors will likely grab the Marionettes for a full set. Maybe if Toycom delivers another series in this line to fill out the more interesting enemies and even Lucia would this line really get some attention.

- - Kinderfeld

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