Dragon's Lair
Digital Leisure
Included in set:
Dirk the Daring, Princess Daphne, Mordroc the Evil Wizard, Singe the Dragon

Everyone was amazed when Dragon's Lair came into their local arcades. It was like playing an animated movie. One that cost twice as much as the next game and the gameplay basically revolved around hitting a button at a certain time and hoping you don't die. But still, Don Bluth's animation team made a cultural icon with the Dragon's Lair game. And since that game is getting a next generation upgrade, it was about time someone did a figure series.

The initial series includes Dirk the Daring, Princess Daphne and Mordroc the Evil Wizard. Each is well scultped with a fine paint job that really nails the look from the videogames. Nostalgia is the name of the game for this series. Each is fairly poseable and comes with an assortment of goodies - ranging from small monsters to swords, potions and even a few skeleton keys.

Along with the initial series comes the deluxe sized Singe the Dragon, who is well modeled and looks to be about scale to the other figures. As with the other figures, Singe is a dead wringer for it's videogame counterpart and you can just see the Don Bluth influence seeping out of it's pores.

Too buy or not to buy? If you're a collector who loves nostalgia - yes. If you're a fan of anything Don Bluth (I'm still waiting for a Secret of NIMH series) - very much yes. If you want to play with them - maybe. This series can be played with, but it's main pull is definitely the nostalgia/video game tie-in. Either way, it's a pretty well done series.

- - Vane

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