Neon Genesis Evangelion
Kaiyodo Xebec
Included in set:
EVA 00 (blue and yellow), EVA 01, EVA 02, Rei Ayanami, various repaints and editions

For fans of the acclaimed Manga/Anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, there looks to be a limited line of figures floating around from Kaiyodo Xebec. Released in their original Japanese packaging, the original series includes Shenji Ikari's EVA 01, Asuka's EVA 02, and bothe blue and yellow versions of Rei Ayanami's EVA 00. Each figure is well articulated and extremely detailed and come with a number of accesories, including optional hands and weapons. The only figure based on the characters is Rei Ayanami, a huge fan favorite, which also comes with additional replaceable body parts.

Along with the normal versions are a series of transparent EVAs, which can be bought separately or in a boxed set (from While these alternative versions are nice, they seem to lack the quality coloring and detail of the normal versions. (Take note that I've never been a fan of transparent versions of anything, though.) Also available is a metallic version of Rei's yellow EVA 00, which is even more striking and impressive than the normal version.

There is a EVA-01 Extra Version (runs about $30) that comes in a black box and a number of accesories (see picture at right). If you can find this bad-boy, get your hands on it.

Any die-hard fan of the series should own these. This series, while limited and probably hard to find, screams quality. Fans of anime and manga in general should be pleased as this series, along with McFarlane's own and a few others that are trickling in, seem to signify a growing manga/anime-based figure market over here in North America. Now, if we can just them in larger available quantities.

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- - Kinderfeld

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