Included in set:
Aeryn Sun

Fans of the Sci Fi Network television series now have something to cheer about. Following in the footsteps of Star Wars and Star Trek before it, Farscape has released it's own line of action figures.

The figures released include Aeryn Sun, D'Argo, Chiana, Crichton and Zhaan. Also available is a limited edition run of 30,000 including special versions of a number of these characters.

If you liked the quality of the most current line of Star Trek figures, then you won't be disappointed by these. They're on par quality-wise and fairly reproduce the characters.

On a side note, if these figures had been created a number of years ago, we feel that the quality might have lacked. Since McFarlane's literal raising of the quality bar for action figures in recent years, small, fan-oriented lines like this might have gotten the run-of-the-mill treatment. But since they haven't, enjoy getting a hold of these figures.

- - Vane

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