Final Fantasy IX
BanDai Toys
Included in set:

Once again, BanDai has been given the opportunity to release a line of Final Fantasy figures, even though this time, they seem to have waited a lot longer after the release of the game to actually get these figures to the shelves. Consisting of the main eight characters from the game, the figures are packaged in two-packs with a number of weapons and accessories.

As with the previous two series, the FFIX figures are really aimed at collectors. The figures range in size from 3.5 to 5 inches in height. While not overly detailed or articulated, they do reproduce the originals characters fairly faithfully. But, when if comes to playability, these figures are really no better than either the FFVII or FFVIII series.

Unlike the FFVIII series, though, these figures will probably be harder to find. They haven't been mass-produced and sent to everyone from WalMart to your local videogame shop. Import versions are available online if you look hard enough, but you might be better served to ask the videogame shop in your area if they'll be getting any in.

- - Vane

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