Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within
Palisades Toys
Included in set:
Movie - Gray, Dr. Sid, Aki, Phantom...
FFX - to be finalized

It looks like with both a movie and at least on game slated for this year, the Final Fantasy franchise will get a ton of toy lines to flood the market. As with previous FF-inspired toys, the creation will be split between Bandai and Palisades.

Concerning Final Fantasy X, shots of the Tidus and Yuna figures are already floating around, but sure as anything, a whole line inspired by the character sof the game will surface. From what we've seen so far, the two figures are colorful and well-detailed. Much like previous FF lines, this one will probably best suited for collectors.

Tidus and YunaNow, when it comes to the Final Fantasy Movie, though, Bandai plans on releasing a line of 6" figures, including Aki, Grey, Dr. Cid (go figure, a Cid in a FF movie), Ryan, Neil, Hein and Phantom. These figures look to be as good, if not better than the FFX figures and may be even more collector friendly than previous lines.

On the other hand, the real gem is a line of seven 12" action figures (think original G.I.Joe) being produced by Palisades. This line will also include Aki, Ryan, Gray, General Hein and Dr. Cid to name a few. Also down the line will be resin mini-busts for both the movie and game and action vehicle sets for the movie.

Looks like Final Fantasy fans are going to have to delve deep in their pockets to afford it all.

- - Kinderfeld

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