H.R. Giger
McFarlane Toys
Included in set:
Li II, Quad I: Entrance, Quad II: Life, Quad III: Death, Quad IV: Way of the Magician

Update - [6/19/02] - More info and screens of this series have turned up at Spawn.com. Considering that I thought this series would be already out, I'm kind of suprised that they still have no solid release date. The series will consist of five pieces, each a well-detailed statue, rather than the traditional figure. (It's not like Giger's paintings would translate well to an action figure line, though.)

The first piece is called Li II and is a stand-alone piece. The rest are part of "The Passage Temple" series, a four part sculture that looks to be able to be set together as one large sculpture. The pieces are titled Quad I: Entrance, Quad II: Life, Quad III: Death and Quad IV: Way of the Magician. From production photos, each of the pieces looks excellently detailed and is a near perfect translation from Giger's painted works. Fans of the dark artist will surely want to grab these when they come out.

For more pictures of the pieces, visit Spawn.com.


The dark artist who brought us Alien, Alien 3 and Species is currently working with McFarlane Toys to recreate four of his paintings into figure/statue format. After seeing what McFarlane did for Maurice Sendak and Where the Wild Things Are, we are fully confident of their success.

Since most of Giger's work is made of twisted forms and landscapes, there's a chance that most if not all of the initial four-figure set will be in a statue-like format, like the Rob Zombie figure.

If you haven't seen Giger's work, check out his sketches from Alien and one of his many Necronomicon Books. While his work is not for the faint of heart, the deep gothic quality is impressive. We'll have to wait until Spring of 2001 to see more.

Photo courtesy of Spawn.com.

- - Vane

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