G.I.Joe vs. Cobra
Included in set:
Duke, Cobra Commander, Destro, Gung Ho, Stormshadow, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Zartan, more....

To celebrate their 20 year anniversary of the original 3 & 3/4 inch figure line, Hasbro has released a newly sculpted line of G.I. Joe figures under the retro title of G.I. Joe vs Cobra, rekindling the old storyline originally introduced to kids in the early 1980s when the original figure line and cartoon were released.

This time around, the figures are more dynamically sculpted and come in two packs with weapons and backpacks. Comparing the new figures to the originals is actually quite unfair. The original lineup was fairly well detailed and realistic to a degree (they only got weird and stupid-looking in later series), but the figures were always flimsy and fell apart too easily. The joints would get loose and the rubberband that held them together always managed to snap from wear at some point. After a week out of the package, they never seemed to be able to stand on their own. The new figures look and feel more sturdy. The resculpted faces and bodies look better and more stylized. In fact, the new Cobra Commander is leaps and bounds over the old one. These figures both make nice collectibles and have a high degree of playability for the younger crowd who would rather rip open the package and play war.

To be released over the length of the year include two packs of: Duke vs. Cobra Commander, Destro vs. Gung Ho, Stormshadow vs. Snake Eyes, Scarlett vs. Zartan and thirteen other sets which should cover most of the classic characters from the original series (before the cartoon started added all sorts of knock-offs). Along with the smaller figures will be a line-up of 12" figures similar to the "classic" G.I. Joe dolls and an assortment of the vehicles, remade to go with the new series, including the Rockslide, Cobra Mantis Sub, Cobra Fang Helicopter and Assault Quad. Each of the vehicles will come with a figure.

This re-edition manages to both improve on the original series and maintain that certain nostalgia factor of what made the original lineup of figures so much fun for kids. Unlike other revised figure lines, this one has managed to stay true to form without the hideous updating for a new generation that often makes the toys too hip for their own good. Fans of the old series and the new generation of toy owners alike will want to get their hands on these.

- - Kinderfeld

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