The Herculoids
Included in set:
Zandar, Tara, Dorno, Zok, Tundro, Igoo, Gloop and Gleep

Hanna Barbera's sci-fi action series from the late 60's/early 70's is getting line of figures all their own. With such a heavy retro vibe in the cartoon and collectible industry in the past few years, it was no surprise that this classic action series would get some kind of revival. Luckily, Toynami, who have been working on toy lines and statues for Dynomutt and the Blue Falcon, Birdman, Thundarr the Barbarian and other classic action cartoons, have taken this older series and given it a toy line aimed at the collectors and fans.

The series, as promoted by Toynami's website, will include Zandar, Tara and Dorno, each with limited poseability and appropriate accessories (Zandar comes with a shield and slingshot). Along with the smaller humans, the series will also include to-scale versions of Zok, Tundro, Igoo, Gloop and Gleep. While the line doesn't seem to be completely out for the public, there is already a boxed set with Zandar and Zok, where Zandar can be placed on Zok's back, as if riding it. Zok also has eyes that light up.

I'll be honest - the detail on the human figures is pretty weak. Except for the fact that the characters are immediately recognizable from the cartoon, I'd be a little perturbed with Toynami. They have a low degree of detail, so much so that you might mistake them for something you could get out of the cheapie bin in your local toy store. On the other hand, the monsters look great and represent their on-screen personas well. The difference in quality between the humans and monsters is quite stark in contrast. The lack of poseability really hurts the line as well, but if you're just looking for something based off of the old series, then I'm sure you're not looking to play with them.

The series, along with some of the other Toynami has in the works, is obviously aimed at fans of the old Hanna Barbera series. Fans will enjoy just having a 3D version of the cartoon characters and the figures themselves are pretty sturdy, but the weak detail and stiffness may limit the line outside of a core audience.

- - Vane

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