Kingdom Come
DC Direct
Included in set:
Series One: Green Lantern, Hawkman, Superman, Wonder Woman

Slowly but surely, DC Comics' own toy line, DC Direct, has been making name for itself by putting out a quality line composed of small series that have been strung together to create an excellent portfolio of figures based on their licensed characters. The DC Direct line is a fine example of this. Now, DC has gone with the brilliant idea of making a series of figures based on Alex Ross' Kingdom Come mini series. For those unfamiliar, the story revolves around the future world of the DC Universe where a conflict between the Old School and New School superheroes escalates into full-blown violence and nearly brings death to them all.

Outside of the well-written story, one of the most impressive aspects of the orignal comics was the painted art that gave each of the characters a firm, realistic look. For the figure series to be successful, the same attention to realistic looking characters would be a MUST. Fortunately, DC Direct seems to understand this.

To start things off, DC Direct has gone with a four figure Series One that includes Green Lantern, Hawkman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, all magnificently scultped to represent their comic book representations well. Each of the characters have varying degrees of poseability and are sturdy. I like the fact that the figures are large enough that the realistic details and excellent paintwork don't get overshadowed.

To go along with the initial series, DC Direct has two other series planned. Series Two, scheduled to be in stores September 10, 2003, features Kid Flash, Red Robin, Batman, and Shazam! Series Three, scheduled to be in stores January 14th, 2004, will have The Flash, Magog, Deadman and an Armored version of Wonder Woman. With such an impressive array of characters to choose from, there's definitely room to make a couple more series based on the Kingdom Come story.

Let's be honest - this series is for fans of the comic. The fine level of detail and nice packaging begs for these to be displayed rather than played with. Still, if you want to break them out, go ahead. They can handle being used.

- - Kinderfeld

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