King of the Hill
Included in set:
Hank, Peggy, Dale, Bill, Bobby (with Ladybird), Boomhauer and Luanne

Fans of the King of the Hill cartoon series are finally getting treated to figures based on the series. Considering that both the Simpsons and Futurama have had figures for the longest time, King of the Hill fans have been waiting patiently for this line of figures to come out. 20th Century Fox and Toycom have teamed up to produce this series, even if it is a little limited.

Series one includes Hank, Peggy, Dale, and Bill and series two will include Bobby (with Ladybird), Boomhauer and Luanne. Since the first two series cover the main characters, fans of some of the second-string characters may have to hope for the series to be successful to see characters like Khan, Cotton Hill and John Redcorn made in figure form.

The characters are well modeled and are an excellent translation from 2D to 3D. Probably the best aspect of the figures is how well they represent the style of the cartoon while looking good at the same time. Unfortunately, they have very limited poseability and come with the barest of accessories. Hank, Bill and Boomhauer come with cans of beer, Dale comes with cigarettes and Peggy comes with a garbage bag (from the intro). I'm sure that some mother or morality watchdog group will have something to say about the alcoholic and nicotine accessories. I'm surprised that the characters didn't come with more accessories, like a Spanish book for Peggy or even a propane grill for Hank.

Each figure comes with a piece of a fence that spells out King of the Hill when assembled together, which Toycom promises this to be part of a larger playset. Hopefully, sometime down the line, some of the housefronts and driveways may be released to make the back alley feel a lot bigger. Toycom has also noted that a third series is being planned and there might be voice interaction, much like the Simpsons figures have.

It's obvious that this line is made especially for the fans of the television show. There's little to no playability with the figures and most people will only take them out of the package to set up the fence. Outside of that, I would say that Toycom did Mike Judge and King of the Hill good.

- - Vane

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