McFarlane's Anime Series
McFarlane Toys
Included in set:
Naomi Armitage
Tenchi Masaki
Motoko Kusanagi

Fast on the heels of the instantly popular first series of Anime-based action figures, McFarlane Toys has decided to release a new line. For those who were lucky enough to get some of the original set, which included characters from Akira, Trigun and Tenchi Muyo. Following the precedent of quality and true-to-style replications in the original series, McFarlane Toys has decided to do a second run.

Included in this series are both Akira and the Joker (leader of the clown bike gang) from Akira. Given a few more series, it looks like McFarlane will have made just about every pertinent character from the classic anime. Also coming is Naomi Armitage from Armitage III, Tenchi Masaki from Tenchi Muyo, Soultaker from the new Soultaker series, and Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell. While this isn't the first time Kusanagi has been replicated, her mechanical-erotic posed is enough to make any Masamune Shirow fan pay full-price for the poseable statue.

And, let's be honest. Both the first series and the new series are basically just statuettes, collectibles for die-hard fans who've been clamoring for the intimate detail and styling that McFarlane treatments have provided over the years. Many fans, like myself, just hope for the day when some of our favorite characters get the opportunity to be cast in plastic (Deunan and Briareos, please?).

Quality? Well, of course. Even though I may not have liked everything that McFarlane Toys has put out, I cannot deny that they always put out high-quality figurines. This series will be no different. If you loved any of these series or anime and manga in general, then you'll definently want to keep an eye out. Before too long, you should be able to get something that will look nicely on a desk or bookcase. Heck, you may even be able to impress some of your less anime-familiar friends with these.

- - Vane

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