The Matrix
McFarlane Toys
Included in set:
Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, Twin 1, Twin 2, Neo playset

To tie in with the release of the long awaited Matrix sequel, Matrix: Reloaded, McFarlane Toys has developed and released a figure line based on the series. Not to be confused with the previous toy line from WB Toys, which included characters from just the first movie, including John Anderson, Neo, Agent Smith, Morpheus and Trinity, this new line features characters from both flicks, specifically representing certain parts during both films.

From the original Matrix, you can recreate the lobby shoot-out with Trinity and Neo figures. Both are in extreme action poses and come with a display base that really captures the original sequence. From Reloaded, you can replay the fight between Morpheus and the Twins and the three figures come with interlocking bases. There's also a playset of the Chateau lobby with Neo.

As with just about anything McFarlane comes out with, the detail is topnotch and the figures look exactly like their real-life counterparts. Matrix fans will be pleased with all the fine details. The only drawback is that this line is really more a series of collectible models rather than action figures. They have limited poseability outside of their initial display. Because of this, there's no playability in the figures.

It's quite clear that this initial line (I won't be surprised to see another line considering the cast) is intended as a displayable collection line for the fans of the movie series. If you are thinking about grabbing these as a playable toy, don't bother.

- - Kinderfeld

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