McFarlane's Monsters Series 2: Twisted Land of Oz
McFarlane Toys
Included in set:
Dorothy with Munchkins, Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman, Toto, Wizard with Scientist

As a follow up to the original series of McFarlane's Monsters, which recreated a number of classic monsters with a more disturbing alternative vision, McFarlane Toys has decided to take a try with some classic literature: L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz. Taking a page from American McGee's book of taking classic material and deranging it, McFarlane has created a line of figures in which the world of Oz looks to have taken a long visit with Clive Barker, which is not surprising considering the two Tortured Souls series.

The six figure line features the main cast, including a very erotically bound Dorothy with two gross Munchkins as her keeper, the Lion, a very tormented Scarecrow, an oddly cyborg-like Tin Woodsman, Toto (who looks more like a Relic influenced beast than a dog) with rider, and the Wizard (who looks like a gothic goblin) with scientist aide. The main theme behind the series is a horrific rendering where the characters show heavy industrial and organic influence, not unlike creatures that Clive Barker would create.

As with just about anything else put out by McFarlane, this series has a great level of detail and just screams quality. There is varying degrees of poseability among the line, but it's quite obvious by the presentation that this series is intended for display purposes only. There is really no playability, not that I would suggest breaking them out to play with or giving them to children as gifts.

I do have to wonder where the target audience for this series is. Traditionalists will most assuredly be turned off by the grand leap from the original material. And since even McFarlane Toys admits that the target audience is over the age of 17, it's sure to find a niche market in people who collect horror-based toy lines. Of course, there will be those who like the well-defined style and will buy the series based on that alone. If this series finds success, I wonder if McFarlane will try it's hand at other classics.

This series is scheduled for and August 2003 release. For more information and pictures, check out

- - Kinderfeld

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