Reservoir Dogs
Mezco Toys
Included in set:
Mr. Blonde, Mr. White, Mr. Pink, Mr. Orange
Palisades Marketing
Included in set:
Series 1 - Mr. Blonde, Marvin Nash, Mr. Brown, Nice Guy Eddie
Series 2 - Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, Mr. White, Joe Cabot.

For the 10 year anniversary of this cult classic by Quinten Tarantino, not one, but two toy manufacturers have issued lines based on the ultra-violent crime film. Starting Michael Madsen (Mr. Blonde), Tim Roth (Mr. Orange), Steve Buscemi (Mr. Pink) and Harvey Keitel (Mr. White), this film details the events leading up to and after a bank robbery that goes bad. Interspersed flashbacks with the events after the bank heist, it unfolds in a series of violent events to the grim ending.

First up is Mezco Toys, who have issued four figures based on the film. Included are Mr. Blonde, Mr. Orange, Mr. White and Mr. Pink. Noticeably missing are Mr. Blue (who was barely even in the film) and Taratino's Mr. Brown. The figures are extremely articulated (20 points) and come with a stand and a number of assorted items. Each character comes with sunglasses, but anyone who has ever had a figure with any kind of eye apparel can instantly tell you how futile it is to try and have the character wear them. While the articulation is nice aspect of the figures, I will say that they look "sorta" like the original actors. When I mean "sorta", I mean that if you didn't know who was who, you might not think anything special of them. Some of the accessories are ho-hum and the figures have a hard time standing up, but the packaging is nice and these figures do incite a bit of gunplay nostalgia.

Also available (or at least on the way) is two series of 12" figures (read: Barbie Dolls that commit crimes). In the first set is Mr. Brown, Mr. Blonde and the police officer, Marvin Nash. Also available, as noted on Palisades' own website is an exclusive Nice Guy Eddie, who apparently is included if you get a set of all the first line. With the inclusion of Mr. Blonde and Marvin Nash, any twisted collector can replay the infamous torture scene to their delight. All you need is a copy of Stealer's Wheel's "Stuck in the Middle With You" and some gasoline and you'll have a good ole time. The second series will include Mr. Orange, Mr. White, Mr. Pink, and Joe Cabot. Each of the characters come with a huge number of accessories and I found the sculpting of the heads to be better than on the figures. In fact, the heads for the 12" dolls are the best I've seen from Palisades yet. For more info and screen-shots on these, check out the link above.

Make no doubt about it - both of these series are intended not for children, but for toy collectors and fans of the film. You won't find them in your local toy store. Of course, if you're building a collection of action figures based on actors, then go for it. One note of interest, though:The 12 inch figures for Steve Buscemi and Tim Roth do not come with guns at the request of the actors.

- - Kinderfeld

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