Resident Evil
Palisades Marketing
Included in set:
Nosferatu, Leon Kennedy, Nemesis, Alexia, Claire Redfield, Mr. X, etc...

Palisades Marketing has picked up where Toy Biz left off and has started a series of high-quality action figures based on the Resident Evil video game series. While the Toy Biz line was better than most of their toy lines, this new set of figures seems to take the bar up a notch.

The average figures will be set on a 6.5 inch scale with the larger characters (Nemesis and Mr. X) scaled to a larger size in proportion to the human characters. In fact, the Nemesis goes at 7 inches in height and has 16 points of articulation. All of the figures are well detailed and excellently represent their respective characters. The first series includes Nosferatu, Zombie in Fatigues w/Cerebus, Leon Kennedy and Nemesis. The second series includes Claire Redfield, Alexia, Zombie in police outfit w/Licker, and Mr. X. Both the first and second series are already out in stores and the third series looks to be out by May of 2002. The third series includes Tyrant, Chris Redfield, Zombie Woman w/Hunter Beta, Wesker with Hunter Gamma and William G-4.

Palisades is also working on Vinyl and Resin Models based on the game series. Currently Clair Redfield and the second incarnation of the William Birkin monster are available for purchase in Resin Statue form. Both look great, but if you're not into laying down that much money (Claire goes for around $90), you can try and pick up either the Jill Valentine or Nemesis vinyl statues for a cheaper price. There is also talk that other prominent characters will appear in statue form (Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and even Carlos).

I'll be honest when I say that I'm pleased that Palisades is doing something good with the Resident Evil license. I never thought the Toy Biz line really did much, mostly because the figures were small and felt underdetailed. Palisades looks to make the best of what it has and has put out a good variety of items that fans of the series will be proud to have.

- - Vane

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