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Harmony Gold must have toy madness on the brain. After recently releasing their Robotech series on DVD, they also started issuing out all sorts of Robotech paraphernalia, which should make any fan of the series happy, especially considering how little was available for purchase in recent years.

1/12 Super-scale Veritech Battloids: Yes, you read that right. These 5 foot tall statues come with a numbered plaque of Authenticity and look to be priced at around $3,000. There looks to be five different versions, including Rick and Max's Veritechs. While they aren't poseable or all that detailed for their size, they do look fairly impressive by sheer size alone. For shots of what they look like, check Robotech's site.

Robotech Super-poseable Figures: This line up includes some excellently detailed version of the Veritechs that are highly poseable. It's a set of five figures, including the veritechs for Rick, Max, Roy Fokker, Ben Dixon and Miriya. Considering how lack-luster some of the previous toys for this series was, I'm quite impressed with the quality shown in this new line.

Model kits: BanDai has also created a line of model kits for the Macross Veritechs, each running at $50 a shot. Model fans will love the quality of this line. Also available as a cheaper line of Battloids. For more info, check out BanDai's model site.

Robotech Masterpiece Veritech CollectionRobotech Masterpiece Veritech Collection: This limited edition collection set is possibly the hardest to find but easily the most worth the effort. Each figure is built of die cast metal and plastic at 1/55th scale and fully transforms into all three forms (Battloid, Guardian and jet). They have insane amounts of detail and mobility. The initial run for Rick Hunter's VF-1J were bumped up from 10,000 to 15,000 just due to the pre-orders.

And if that wasn't enough, there are also mini-busts of Rick Hunter, Roy Fokker, Max Sterling, Miriya and Lynn Minmei on their way and a series of super-deformed Veritechs already out. If this isn't enough for you, check out Robotech's website. I'm quite sure that any die-hard fan of the series will want to get their hands on a number of these items.

- - Kinderfeld

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