Spawn Series 24, 25, 26: The Classic Comic Covers
McFarlane Toys
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Varies from set to set

Now with series 3 in the works, we finally decide to go over what may prove to be one of the more interesting Spawn toylines to be brought out in some time. Or to date, period. As much as I appreciate the quality and depth of detail that McFarlane Toys delivers, there came a point early on where I had to wonder "How many different lines of Spawn Figures DO we need?" Once the market began to be overflowing with variant renditions, the Spawn figures managed to lose my attention. But, in an attempt to revisit the original comics, McFarlane Toys has decided to do a series (now up to their third line) of figures based on the actual comic book cover art.

What's really special about these figures is that not only do they have some exceptional detail but the painting of the figures is often done to imitate the original artist's style, which really helps to set this line apart from other more conventional lines. Yes, the figures have a level of articulation and poseability and detail-wise they are on par with the rest of McFarlane Toys' work, but the replication of the covers are really what will draw old Spawn fans into this line.

The first line, Spawn Series 24, features figures from Spawn The Dark Ages Issue 23, Hellspawn Issue 1, and Spawn Issues 39, 43, 64, 88 and 109. The Dark Ages Spawn figure is an awesome sculpt featuring the Hellspawn figure on horseback. Most of the figures from the regular Spawn Issues are your standard-looking Spawns in different poses, except for Issue 64, which has Spawn in the form of an armed trooper.

Spawn Series 25: The Classic Comic Covers 2 shifts the series to split the focus between Spawn and other characters in the series. Along with Spawn figures based on Hellspawn Issues 5 and 11 and Spawn Issue 95, you also find The Creech (The Creech: Out for Blood Issue 1), The Redeemer (Spawn Issue 117) and Sam and Twitch (Sam and Twitch Issue 22). While the painting on figures like Spawn from Hellspawn Issue 5 are quite impressive, the Sam and Twitch figure set is easily my favorite. Not only does it mimic the original art well, but it oozes so much style that it stands out among the high quality series.

The Third Series, Spawn Series 26, set for September 2004 release, will feature figures from Spawn Issue 7 and 8, Spawn the Dark Ages Issue 1, The Curse and Tremor from the Spawn Bible, Tiffany from Spawn Issue 45 and Spawn Vs. Cy-Gor from Spawn Issue 57. No figure screens have been released yet, but I imagine by the precedent set in the series, this one will feature some excellently realized figures.

If you're a fan of the comic and especially some of the excellent cover art that Spawn has had over the years, you need to check this series out. I don't make it a regular thing to check out Spawn figures, but this series, especially figures like Sam and Twitch and the Dark Ages Spawn, really stands out in their field.

- - Vane

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