Star Wars Episode 3 Sneak Preview Series
Hasbro Toys
Included in set:
General Grievous, Wookiee Warrior, Tion Medon, R4-G9

New movie, new packaging. Before launching the full-blown line of figures for the upcoming Star Wars film, Hasbro has once again brought out some "teaser" figures (along with a few other accessories and vehicles) to get the collectors ready for the upcoming onslaught. This Sneak Preview series features four new characters, including Clone Wars badguy General Grievous, a Wookiee Warrior, Tion Medon (who had a half second appearance in the original teaser trailer) and a new droid, R4-G9.

Unlike previous series, the packaging shies away from the boxy rectangles and features a more angular and dynamic card and figure package. The Vader helmet and fiery background works nicely as a backdrop to the figures, which are clearly displayed in the new packaging. I have to give Hasbro credit for releasing a series that both plays into the fans (with Grievous and the Wookiee) and introduces new characters, whether they be minor or not.

When it comes to the figures, the details and painting jobs on the figures themselves are especially nice. The Wookiee Warrior and General Grievous show off a lot of nice details and R4-G9's red, white and gold paint job looks nice. Out of the whole set, Tion Medon feels the least interesting, though I think that may be the fault of the character design if anything.

As before, this series offers figures that are both collectable and sturdy enough to be played with. While the figures don't feature a ridiculous amount of articulation, they have enough to make the figures playable. As opposed to some toy makers who want poseable statues rather than figures, Hasbro has definitely gone with making a series of toys that look good on display.

None of the figures in this set should be all that hard to find. I'm sure rather than making the series "collectable", Hasbro made sure to release enough of all the figures to sufficiently tease potential buyers of the upcoming full series. If you have any problems finding one of the figures, I'm sure it will be for General Grievous as badguy figures tend to sell better when it comes to Star Wars.

I don't think I really need to make a Buy or Don't Buy recommendation. You know whether you'll buy these or not and to what degree you'll buy them. Diehards already have multiple copies and casual collectors will get the ones they want. All will be pleased with what they get.

- - Vane

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