Thundarr the Barbarian
Included in set:
Thundarr, Ariel, Ookla the Mok

Ruby-Spears' early 80's sci-fi cartoon is getting the action figure treatment from Toynami (along with a number of other retro action cartoons, like the Herculoids). The original Saturday Morning cartoon series was not unlike Conan the Barbarian, except set in a apocalyptic future, where both science and swords & sorcery were a way of life. While maybe not the best-written piece of animation, it still provided some good fun for kids.

This series includes the cartoon's stalwart team - Thundarr with his Sunsword, Princess Ariel with a ball of magic, and Ookla the Mok with his bow and arrow. The figures are around 6.5 inches tall and have the usual points of articulation (elbows, shoulder, knees). Since the figures are modeled after the cartoon, they don't have an amazing degree of detail, but they do manage to represent the characters well and fans will be pleased with the finished product. The figures themselves are sturdy and have some nice volume, even if their accessories could be a little better (but that's really just being nitpicky).

The main problem with the line is that there really isn't much room within the series for Toynami to go. Once the initial three figures are out, that's it. Don't expect too many enemy figures (I wouldn't mind seeing a Gemini figure, mind you) or established side characters to pop-up in a second series. Heck, don't even expect an alternative costume line to show up in specialty shops. But, that isn't Toynami's fault. They can only work with what the series gives them.

With that said, fans of the cartoon will flock to this series and buy it up quickly. The figures are done well enough to please the serious fans. Considering there wasn't any push to make figures when the cartoon initially came out, this series can prove to be a nice trip down memory lane for some. Those who didn't pay much attention to the cartoon will skip it as there isn't much in the way of extras that the series can promise.

- - Vane

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